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Entente Florale Europe


Environmental beautifying challenge – The competition of Entente Floral Europe is the success story of the last two decades. The nationwide competition was first announced in 1994 by the tourism sector and the horticultural profession, but its history dates back to 1990 when Hungary participated in the European Competition for Towns and Villages in Bloom, also know as Entente Florale Europe. The European competition is a civil initiative involving 45 million residents living in 20,000 towns and cities. The Hungarian competition joins the forces of 2 million people – to create a more liveable environment, and a more liveable world.

How can you enter the competition? Local authorities in Hungary can apply for the competition HERE. The judging of those municipalities that applied is performed by experts from the end of June until August. The experts not only judge, but they also help. The two national first-prize winning municipalities can represent Hungary in the European competition in 'city' and 'village' categories. The announcers of the competition—the Prime Minister of Hungary, several parliamentary committees, ministries, the organizing committee of the competition among others—will award a prize to the municipalities showing outstanding achievement.

What has to be done for a successful participation? The secret to success is the union of the local authority and the residents. By organizing local competitions and municipal campaigns, every municipality can become visibly more beautiful and orderly in 1 or 2 years. If the streets are tidy, the front gardens are neat, and the balconies are decorated with flowers, the residents of the municipalities will have already made big steps towards to a more liveable environment. If the brooks and ponds and the natural habitats surrounding the municipality are cleaned, then they can be preserved for the future. If flowers, trees and shrubs that are typical of the region are planted, then the rehabilitation of the land can be accomplished at the same time. However, if somebody takes care of only one potted flower in her/his window, then, with it alone, s/he can evoke a smile on somebody else's face. Respecting plant life means simultaneously respecting human life.

The accomplishments of the Entente Florale Europe competition are the pride of our country. If you go for a walk around the country, or even if you just look around where you walk, you would suddenly catch sight of well-kept, cultivated municipalities. Also, if your eyes are sensitive, you will recognize places where there still are things to be done. Cities and villages received first and second prizes in the Entent Florale Europe competition furnish a good example, like Siófok (gold), Géderlak (gold), Kaposvár (gold), Nagyatád (gold), Eger (gold), Lipót (gold), Balatonfüred (gold), Gyula (gold), Balatongyörök (gold), Tihany (gold), Veszprém (gold), Székesfehérvár (silver), Hévíz (silver), Tata (silver), Bük (silver), Sárospatak (silver), Győr (silver), Velence (silver), Paks (silver), Zalakaros (silver), Balatonszárszó (silver), Makó (silver), Tápiógyörgye (silver),Szombathely (szilver), Gelse (silver ), Sopron (silver), Paloznak (silver), Százhalombatta (silver,) Lövő (silver), Hévíz (silver), Csopak (silver), Zebegény (silver), Siófok (silver), Mosonmagyaróvár (silver), Dunakiliti (silver), Kaposvár (silver), Lajoskomárom (silver).

Contacts: if you have any questions or a story you wish to have published on the website, please write to viragos@tmu.hu, and if you would like to get more information on the Entente Florale Europe competition, please check the webpages at www.entente-florale.eu.